Faithful Investments LLC looks for investors that share the same mission.  Together, we can continue to positively impact communities while simultaneously deliver strong financial returns. 

Faithful Investments prides itself on purchasing assets where we can mitigate our risk and still generate high returns.  While many invest in speculative real estate, Faithful Investments acquires properties that produce positive cashflow in both up and down markets.  Whether the market goes up or down great returns are delivered. 

Earn between 5-10% on your money

Are you receiving an unsatisfactory return on your money? Do you…
•  Have money in a savings account?
•  Have money in T-Bills?
•  Have money in non-producing assets?
•  Have cash savings that you don’t plan to invest for the next 6-12 months?
•  Do you have money in a 401K, IRA or other retirement funds?

Benefits of investing with Faithful Investments
•  Leverage the returns from our entire investment portfolio.
•  Return is not tied to any specific asset.
•  contact us today.
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